Every life is precious. But still, it’s not worth getting overwhelmed by anything.

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Once upon a time Joe was a very overwhelmed guy; not just overwhelmed but I mean VERY overwhelmed in a jacked-up mother-of-all-overwhelmed-persons kind of way.

He was one overwhelmed-on-steroids kind of dude with double heart attacks every year and that constant concrete-grade constipation to prove it.

It was an unusually…

Nothing is what it seems to be these days, not even scientific success.

Nuts (obviously). Image by Raspopova Marina

Once upon a time, there was an up-and-coming scientist who had just published her first paper to the envy of all of her down-and-going colleagues. It was titled “The Effects of No Citation on the Sleep Cycle of Rats.”

She found that rats were significantly more tired after having been…

One of the fundamental documents that define and guide any major project

Campaign Creators

What is a Scope Document?

A scope document is one of the fundamental documents that define and guide any major project. As a technical writer, you may be asked to write one, in close coordination with the project management, for various clients.

In terms of its strategic abstraction, the scope comes right after the VISION…

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY for the LAZY BUM CEOs: A winding career analysis that concludes with an ugly truth about the peacocks

I’m a writer, I think.

Portrait of the artist as a young man waiting to be discovered at the wrong location. Photo courtesy of Tyler Quiring at Unsplash

I spent my whole life waiting to be discovered because I’m an artist. I think.

I don't believe that auspicious event, me getting discovered, has happened yet.

I’m the only one aware that I’m a writer at this point. Therefore I have to exist. …


As my self-righteousness goes through the roof…

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I’m sick and tired of people who think a Covid-19 mask is a fashion accessory.

I want them to be afraid just like me but instead, they saunter around as though we are not living our last days here on earth.

They are wearing their masks under their chin, you…

Excerpt from “Zig-Zag Your Way to Success by Changing jobs!: 7 Steps to Changing Your Career”

Image Susan Q Yin, Unsplash

There are many systems, countless processes that do not follow a straight line of operation or progress. From sports to nature, countless events happen to flow a zigzag pattern. Here are some examples to inspire you.

No Straight Lines in Nature

Have you noticed? There are no straight lines in nature. …

A film noir classic by Jean-Pierre Melville, starring Alain Delon

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Chapter 2

Excerpt from 4 French Film Noir Classics by Jean-Pierre Melville: Le Samourai, Un Flic, Le Doulos, and Le Cercle Rouge

DIRECTOR: Jean-Pierre Melville.

WRITERS: Jean-Pierre Melville, Georges Pellegrin.

STARS: Alain Delon (Jef Costello), Nathalie Delon (Jane Lagrange), Cathy Rosier (The Pianist), and François Périer (The Police Superintendent).

Ugur Akinci, Ph.D.

Fortune 100 writer. Top Quora author. Lifelong information chunker. Pattern investigator. Online course creator. Father. Husband. Brother. Mentor. www.tcc6.com

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