Aren’t we all uncritical butlers to different masters, at least temporarily, during certain phases of our lives?

A tragic love story that confronts the Catholic faith

Organizing images can really become a problem, especially when you have dozens and hundreds of them

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Conditional text tags are at the heart of “single sourcing integration” between Adobe RoboHelp (RH) and Adobe FrameMaker (FM)

Tim Johnson

Assume nothing. Make lists and test everything

(Free photo courtesy of

Learn the missing ingredient for effective nonfiction

(Image by Jakub Balon)

Facts Won’t be Enough

The problem has a few though layers to navigate through

Matt Botsford

Inkscape is a free vector drawing program that is ideal for many of the illustrations drawn by technical writers

We have to overcome the anxiety of individuality

Justine Heinitz

How did a specific company or organization solve a specific problem?

(Image by Kieran Wood)

Ugur Akinci, Ph.D.

Fortune 100 writer. Top Quora author. Lifelong information chunker. Pattern investigator. Online course creator. Father. Husband. Brother. Mentor.

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