Mere sightings are not enough to prosecute a “murder case”

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Imagine there is a murder in your neighborhood.

There are thousands of eyewitness reports about the perpetrator but all of them are unique and anecdotal.

No two sightings are identical.

One eyewitness report says “it was a short guy with red jacket: he slipped down the rear window in a flash and disappeared within a second.”

But another eyewitness report insists “no, it was a tall guy with a blue hat. He did not jump down the window but actually went up to the roof where he sat on the chimney for ten minutes and then disappeared!”

To make things…

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Grace is nuts:
A slob hitting the jackpot.

The Lord of the salt and the chocolate cake
long-stemmed roses and slithering vipers
she’s the skinny girl at the boarding school
the fat guy in every sit-com.

He’s punching in your items at the checkout lane
his name is Moses but we know he’s not the Prophet
like this guy Shiva
yes it’s just a name
pumping gas at the service station
or Jesus
the fastest forward in soccer
and a womanizer from Brazil
you know something’s going on here
with these accidents that sound divine
but really, what?

Deities come…

Time to think the things we believe are true in this age of doubt and uncertainty

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We are living in an age of confusion, doubt, and cynicism.

Almost anything you say might be countered with a “that’s fake news” or “fake fact” accusation.

People question even the reality or meaning of the stuff we watch covered in real-time on TV.

This is the age of Photoshop where any image can be invented inside the computer.

There are “real fake” videos in which people, including the President of the United States, are made to say things that they’ve never said.

So I wondered what is real for me.

I wondered if there are things, statements, that I’m…

Ramana Maharshi asked the only question that ever matters

Don’t become another expert on the path like a cardiac surgeon or stockbroker

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One danger I had to fight hard on the spiritual path is what I call “becoming a super athlete in Spiritual Olympics.”

This is the attempt to do things like meditation, japa (mantra repetition), puja (a ceremony to honor the Guru or the deity) at a super-duper level and with a maniacal dedication in order to get enlightened (however you may define the term).

It’s the attempt to force-open the gates of heaven through sheer willpower and human agency.

This method never works because it’s a method.

Like all methods, it fosters the subject-object duality between our small-Self and the…

Welcome to Reality!

What took them so long?

FOX News studios in 2009. Image courtesy of Wikipedia

I’m so happy that FOX NEWS now recommends COVID vaccinations since it’s going to save many lives.

After months of resisting the scientifically proven efficacy of the vax shots in the name of “liberty” and “respecting individual freedoms,” now the conservative and influential TV channel is recommending its viewers to get the shot to stay alive.

This happened after the new COVID Delta variant started to kill more people in those U.S. states that were below the average in vax shots. It proved to be one of those rare cases where the correlation proved the causation.

Steve Doocy, the co-host…

Beginning of the End to Our Old Story

The first step to leaving the Blue Planet for good

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia. Bezos and Rob Meyerson (fifth from left) giving NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver (fourth from left) a tour of Blue Origin’s crew capsule in 2011

Today I watched Jeff Bezos, the billionaire Amazon founder, fly successfully up to near-space with three more passengers on the Blue Origin rocket.

I’m happy that the launch ended safely and successfully.

But at the same time, I could not help but struggle with an indescribable sadness that I did not feel in the previous Space X and Virgin Galactic trials.

The First Reason

The first reason I felt sad is that I think I watched the first step of us, humans, leaving this Earth for another home.

For the first time in my life I felt like I was watching the first…

Three Possibilities for Origins of UFOs

The reason why I believe in Barcelona but not in aliens

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I’ve forgotten the number of references on Medium to military and civilian VIPs who are quoted making statements on controversial subjects like UFOs.

Usually, the isolated reference stops at the quotation, without any further experimental evidence supporting the claim.

The implication is, these people are so accomplished and so famous that what they said must be true. And if you don’t believe in them, why, you might very well be a part of “The Conspiracy.”

A second implication is about the numbers. I admit, sometimes there is safety in numbers but not when it comes to “argument from authority.”


Thank you for reminding me how ignorant I am. I am painfully aware that I always have much to learn. Ignorance is deep. Learning is forever. Kindness is priceless. Best regards.

The tricky business of witnessing and remembering something

Memories — how real are they?

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The statement “I saw it with my own eyes!’ is worth nothing to a police officer, attorney, judge, prosecutor, or psychologist since they know how unreliable eyewitness testimony is.

Did you know that “mistaken eyewitness identifications contributed to approximately 69% of the more than 375 wrongful convictions in the United States overturned by post-conviction DNA evidence”?

Yet in daily life, we rely on eyewitness testimony as though it’s the final say in the matter.

What’s more, we feel our integrity is judged if the other person takes our testimony statement with a grain of salt. …

National UFO Reporting Center data is worth a look

What are the chances of 190 countries getting together to lie together?

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If UFOs were observed only in the United States, and if the alleged conspiracy to hide the facts from the citizens was perpetrated only by the U.S. government, then it would be relatively easy to explain this one-actor one-act alleged conspiracy.

But it is not.

According to extensive data collected and published by National UFO Reporting Center, UFOs are observed in almost every land with a flag and a government.

Let’s look at the evidence and see where the data would lead us…

Great Britain

Great Britain is an amazing place to observe UFOs frequently. …

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